Some important tips for buying an old laptop

Things to know before buying a used computer or laptop

Assalamu Alaikum, how are you? Hope you all are well. today i present to you Some important tips for buying a second hand laptop“I will share


What to do while buying a second hand laptop? First see which generation is your processor? Currently laptops with 11th/12th generation processors are available in the market. If Core i5 laptop is 5th/6th/7th generation and if Core i3 is 10th generation then Core i3 laptop is better.

laptop display

It is always necessary to check whether the display screen of the laptop is fine or not. If there is more flickering, discoloration, glare, bad pixels, then it is better not to buy a laptop. Bad pixel basically looks like a black dot or other colored dot on the LCD screen of the screen which is very inconvenient.


How do you know there are bad pixels? Sometimes it is not normally visible. But hopefully there’s a lot of free software/chrome extensions for this that you can use to figure it out. As Bad Pixel Test Chrome Extension By installing, you can test the display of different colors and catch bad pixels.

How to understand the age of old laptop?

Seller says laptop is coming from abroad used only for 1-2 months but laptop is of 5th/6th generation. Don’t believe because in bangladesh market (idb, global, computer source, ryan, flora) you will not get 8th/9th generation laptop currently, if you go to buy new laptop. How can 5th/6th generation laptop come from abroad 1-2 months ago? Remember that the price of a laptop mainly depends on the processor and not the generation of the processor. The higher the generation, the higher the price of the laptop.


For the time being try to buy a laptop with SSD card because HDD laptop is very slow. And if the laptop does not have an SSD, then in this case, take a laptop that has a slot for installing an SSD card so that you can install the SSD.


Intel HD Graphics It doesn’t actually include any graphics. It is built-in to more or less all laptops. Want to include dedicated graphics. Laptops with dedicated graphics cost a little more than normal laptops.

Which brand laptop to buy?

It depends on your budget. Sony, Apple, Fujitsu laptop prices are very high as compared to other brands of laptops. And Dell, Asus, Acer, HP, Lenovo, TOSHIBA, these laptop brands are homogeneous, probably none of the 19-20 survive in the market.

What to check while buying a used laptop?

Check each and every key of the laptop one by one because if one key is damaged then the whole keyboard will have to be changed. Check USB port. Check webcam, sound, DVD ROM etc.

battery backup:

One important aspect of older laptops is the battery. Because, the older the laptop, the shorter the battery life. Therefore, before buying an old laptop, check the battery life of the laptop.


There are 2 types of warranties – 1) Service Warranty or Labor Warranty 2) Parts and Labor Warranty or Company Warranty.

1) Service warranty means that if any part of your laptop gets damaged, you will have to buy the parts from your own money. They will not charge any service charges for fitting the parts. It’s a matter of giving or not giving warranty as they charge a little more for parts and charge a service fee. This type of warranty is usually provided by used shops.

2) Parts and labor warranty or company warranty. The company warranty is basically the original warranty. During the warranty period, the company gives all kinds of problems for free, you do not have to spend even a single rupee from your pocket.

Upgrade Feature:

You should be well aware of how much the laptop you want to buy can actually be upgraded. Because many laptops are very old and cannot be upgraded. So if it is too old then it would be prudent not to take it.

Last word:

If you keep the above points in mind before buying a used laptop, you will not be fooled. But the performance of an old laptop will never be the same as that of a new laptop.

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