skitto new sim offer 2022 (details) skitto new sim offer 2022

Skito New Sim Offer 2022 (Details) Skito New Sim Offer 2022.

For those who are going to buy or have already bought Skito New Sim, today’s post throws light on Skito New Sim Offers.

Where to get the SIM:

Sims can order online from Skito’s website or pick up directly from several offline stores.
Online Order Link: Click here
Offline Store Link: Click here

sim price:

The cost of the sim is Rs.200 and you will have to pay along with the delivery charges if you order online.

Skito new connection Rs 10 main balance, 100 SMS and 500 MB data validity 30 days.

How to get new sim offer:

  • First skito app After registration, the first three months will be 1.5GB – 30 days. That is a total of 4.5GB in three months! (1.5 GB for the first 30 days, then 1.5 GB for the next 30 days, and finally 1.5 GB for the next 30 days)
  • 1GB – 7 days (18th of next month) if forum registration is done within 15 days of SIM activation
  • Reload any amount from app within 15 days of SIM activation 1GB – 7 days (18th of next month)
  • 2GB – 7 days @ 19tk deal once per month from month after sim activation (1 time per month, total 12GB internet in six months at affordable price)
PYou can also avail data bonus by using ROMA code-

How to get promo code:

Get the promo code first. Click on the link below to get the promo code
Enter the number and click on get code.


A message will be sent to that number and the message will contain a promo code.

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How to get data with promo code:


* The official website of Skito states that the promo code must be submitted before purchasing the SIM, otherwise you will not get the promo code bonus. However, if you buy the sim in advance then you can try

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