If you add 2023 taka from card or bank to Bikash, you will get 23 taka cashback!

If you add 2023 taka to Bikash card or add money from bank to Bikash account then you will get 23 taka cashback.

• Get cashback on the next working day of the ad (excluding Fridays, Saturdays and public holidays).
• Offer is applicable for all customers.
• Receive cashback maximum once during the offer period.
• Customers who add money will get cashback.
This offer will run from January 1, 2023 to January 30, 2023.

Bakash’s official post link: https://www.bkash.com/en/page/bank-to-bkash-23bdt#:~:text=bKash%20is%20bringing%20an%20amazing,and%20get%20BDT%2023%20cashback.

2023 how to add money to bakash account from taka card or bank

Cards to develop:

So dear people, you can add money to card from Bikash app.

How to add money to Vikas’s card:

1. To add money to the Vikas card, first click on the Vikas add money option

img 63d3510957933

2. Then if you want to develop the card, click on Bank to develop option and follow the next instructions

img 63d351615115b

The Bank will develop:

You can also add money from the Bikas app to Bank to Bikas.
But since I had the bank’s app, I did it with the bank’s app.
Basically, you have to add money from bank to vikas, whether you are doing from vikas app or bank app, it is not a fact

How to add money to bank in Vikas:

  1. First login to your bank’s app and select Bkash option

    img 63d3533cc46e1

After this click on Add Beneficiary option and add your Bkash Account Number

img 63d3536f736c7

3. Then Select Your Bkash Wallet Number And Enter 2023 In Amout And Click On Proceed Button
Then he will ask for OTP, if you give OTP, Bakash’s bank will be created.

img 63d36207637a5

b dr There is a bug in Bank Asia app, OTP is not generated after clicking on Proceed button, in that case you can click on Add Beneficiary option in the app and enter the OTP which you received while adding Bakash account. Number.

Saw Bank Asia system getting hacked 😛
call me sir right now

cashback proof

Then without proof the mind does not get peace :3
here you go:

img 63d3567371577

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