How To Redirect Web 3.0 Domains To Web 2.0 Unstoppable Domains

Today I will show you how to redirect web 3.0 ntf domains to web 2.0 traditional domains.

What is NFT domain?

.com and .net are popular on the web. It is expected that .nft .crypto will gain more popularity in web 3 as well.

Currently .crypto .nft .x .wallet .bitcoin .dao .888 .zil and .blockchain extensions are available in NFT.

How to redirect web 3.0 NFT domain to web 2.0 domain

(If you are having difficulty in understanding, you can watch the video tutorial from below)

1. First open any text editing software (for example: Notepad for Windows or TextEdit for Mac) and paste the following code

2. your website here is your website Replace with URL (of course before the domain “http://” or “https://” and here in your website description write a line about your site
And if you want, you can give this text in HTML Meta Tag

img 633e60cb606ea

3. Then index.html save as
Note: Saving with any other name will not work

img 633e63bd2a556

4. Now open the Index.html file from any browser and check whether it redirects properly to your domain or not

img 633e65504f6af

5. then unstoppable domain my domains go to section

img 633e65fc93121

6. Adjacent to Domain manage Click the button

img 633e66a3b1d4c

7. then Click on the Website tab and go for Click under Upload file to IPFS Click on the Upload Website Files button

img 633e67a41afad

9. Pour Upload index.html file by clicking on the button

img 633e68df665bd

10. Now wait like 30. Now if you go to your nft domain you will see 504 gateway time-out error

Don’t worry it will go away on its own after sometime and if you go to your nft domain you will see it is leading to web 2.0 domain.

img 633e6ad3c706c

Note: Use Brave browser to visit NFT domain. Because Brave is a Web 3.0 browser.

video tutorial

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